Information on HCG Diet and Swelling

The HCG diet, an extremely low calorie eating program together with daily hormone injections, was created in the 1950s by an endocrinologist working in India with obese young men. Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is a hormone that can repress your appetite and reallocate fat. The element together with the diet can also trigger severe side effects, counting swelling.

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Information #1: Regarding HCG

HCG is a pregnancy hormone. It is created inside the placenta and is emitted via urine. It has been endorsed by the United States Food and Drug Administration for infertility medications in women and hormone therapy in men. Major side effects once utilized as a diet aid, as stated by the FDA spokesperson Shelly Burgess, involve soreness and swelling at the injection site and breast enlargement in men and women. It is also identified to trigger ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, which can instigate puffiness of the hands, legs and stomach.

Information #2: Extremely Depleted Calorie Diet

The diet recommended on an HCG procedure must not instigate water retention, which can cause swelling of the ankles, wrists or abdomen. Edema, also identified as water retention, can be triggered by eating extremely small protein. On an HCG program, partakers are necessitated to consume 200 grams of protein daily. The Mayo Clinic’s protein consumption suggestions are 50 to 175 grams every day. Another means your diet can trigger swelling is if you are eating excessive amount of sodium. The Cleveland Clinic recommends consuming not more than 2 grams of the mineral daily.

Information #3: Edema

Leg and ankle swelling or inflammation is comparatively typical for obese individuals. Hypertension reduces blood surge to your legs and with restricted kidney performance, your body is incapable to get rid of surplus water. The outcome is spasms and soreness within the legs, ache within the hips and thighs, in addition to edema. In the initial days of treatment on an HCG diet, lots of patients pass extra urine and observe an obvious reduce of swelling in the ankles.

Information #4: After the HCG Procedure – What Takes Place?

On an HCG procedure, you obtain hormone injections for 23 days and consume an extremely low calorie diet for 26 days. Following this stage, swelling can happen in individuals who do not pursue eating the suggested quantity of protein. As stated by Dr. A.T.W. Simeon of Salvador Mundi International Hospital in Rome, on the low-calorie stage of routine, dieters are only functioning above the edge of protein deficiency. One benefit, though, is that protein is discharged into your system from the collapse of fatty tissues.
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