HCG Drops for Weight Loss

HCG drops is a diet plan that is based on decades of research by Dr. Albert Simeons who is a British endocrinologist. Since it discovery, this diet plan as change the life of many who had lost hope. This diet is particularly helpful to those who want to shed some weight and attain the weight that they have always wanted. Human chorionic gonadotropin commonly known as HCG, when in combination with specific healthy low calories diet can effectively grab extra fat deposits no matter where they are stored in the body and make it ready available to be burned as energy. Dr. Simeons actually theorized that when diencephalon, which is a small area in your brain combined is with hypothalamus, it can help get rid of those stubborn fat in your body thus aiding in weight loss. The success rate of Dr. Simeons weight loss plan is so affective in that very few changes has been made despite being in existence for over 50 years.
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What is HCG?

HCG is a natural hormone secreted by women during pregnancy. This hormone is very important because it helps to burn fat into energy so as to give pregnant women the energy the needed during pregnancy. In addition to burning calories, HCG also help to trap important nutrients that are vital to both the baby and the mother from food. This natural secreted hormone actually help to give women the energy they need to enable then go through pregnancy. Dr. Simeons used this important information to come up with a diet plan that help thousands of people lose weight naturally.

What food do you need you include in your diet

The good thing about this diet plan is that it does not restrict or confine its users to consume only certain types of foods, a phenomenon that is very common with many other diet plans. This means that if you are following this diet, then you don’t have restrict yourself to eating certain foods and avoiding others. This diet gives you the freedom to eat what you like anytime. However, the diet encourages its users to only include healthy foods in their diet so as to promote the general wellbeing of their health. Healthy foods are not only important in weight loss but they also help to improve your digestive and immune system. This diet plan strongly encourages its users to include foods that are rich in in proteins, whole grains, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates. 

Do need to exercise in order to lose weight?

This is also a question that is frequently asked by many people. It is actually not mandatory to exercise in order to lose weight when you are following this diet. This is because HCG diet plan is not dependent on exercise, it actually works by triggering the hypothalamus to get rid of excess fat in the body. This means that whether you exercise or not you will lose weight in the long run. However, this diet plan encourages its users to do simple exercise such as swimming, walking and running to aid the process of weight loss. Heavy exercises such as weight lifting is not encouraged because it may lead to stress, discouragement and frustrations.

Are there side effects associated with HCG drops?

Various clinically studies that have been conducted on this diet has not associated this diet with side effects that are very common with many other weight loss supplements. In fact thousands of people who have used this diet plan to lose weight have not reported to have experienced side effects. However, it is also very important to note that you can experience side effects if you use HCG drops that has been mixed with other ingredients that are harmful to the human body. Users are therefore advised to be very careful when buying HCG drops and only buy genuine HCG drops. With increase in demand for HCG products, many manufactures have emerged each claiming to produce quality HCG supplements but the truth is that they actually don’t care about the quality because they want to make profits. To be on the safe side, ensure that you buy HCG drop that has been approved by FDA. Also don’t forget to buy the product form an authorized dealer.
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