HCG Injections for Men to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Doctors prescribe HCG injections for men to treat testosterone deficiency .The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) jump starts testosterone production. This method is more natural compared with other testosterone therapies. Moreover, it has less sever side effects.

HCG for men is also used by those who are taking testosterone. As time passes your body fails to produce testosterone. This is when a shot of HCG brings back things to normal.
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HCG Injections for weight loss, Hcg injections in early pregnancy.

What If I Don’t Take HCG?

Let us consider two separate situations.
You are low on Testosterone – You can practically opt for testosterone therapy. They are great to restore testosterone balance. However, consider the side effects. And also understand that after you undergo testosterone therapy, you will later have to turn towards HCG to balance the levels.
You are undergoing testosterone therapy – If you are undergoing testosterone therapy, sooner or later your body will stop producing testosterone. This is common. Your body thinks there is huge amount of testosterone, what is the need to produce more. But when the testosterone level falls below normal, your body will almost have lost the ability to produce testosterone. Hence, taking HCG shots at regular interval will force your body to produce its own testosterone.

We shall now discuss in detail about the benefits of hcg for men, uses, side effects and dosages.

Benefits of HCG Injections for Men

HCG mimics luteinizing hormone (LH). The luteinizing hormone help testes produce testosterone. LH is secreted by pituitary gland.

Due to imbalance in hormone, testosterone production is reduced. This is naturally brought back with HCG. Since, HCG mimics LH, testes start producing testosterone naturally.

This method being natural, testosterone production in future isn’t harmed. Here are some other advantages of HCG for men.

Boosting testosterone with HCG helps build lean muscle mass. A friend of mine took HCG for several months. In six months he added 10 pounds of lean muscle. Simultaneously he lost 6 pounds of body fat.
You will feel stronger and happier. You will notice your morning wood back again. You will experience new strength and vigor.
Doctors also “recommend HCG injections for men” to increase sperm count. If you had trouble getting your partner pregnant then HCG is your choice.
Bodybuilders use HCG to get their testosterone levels back after steroid usage.
HCG also results in weight loss though HCG for weight loss is not FDA approved.
You will notice increased sexual desire.
Increasing testosterone level with other treatments result in your body to stop production of testosterone. This happens due to body thinking that testosterone is being available in plenty.
Boosting testosterone with HCG can also result in penile growth.
Your libido and red blood cell levels increase
You will have an increased bone density
Finally, your heart gets a healthy boost (testosterone is needed for proper functioning of your heart).

Side Effects of HCG for Men

There is no treatment without side effects. And hcg injections for men too has some. They are not many but are divided into less severe and serious

Less Severe Side Effects
tired and fatigue
swelling or irritation at injected spot

Dosage for HCG Injections

Generally 500 IU, thrice per week. One week on while three weeks off. This is the common dosage. However, you need to consult and follow the guidelines of your doctor.

The HCG injections for men kit comes freeze-dried. It has to be reconstituted. Draw 5ml of pure water from the given vial. Inject it into the dried HCG bottle. Mix it slowly. Do not shake vigorously. HCG molecules are weak carbon bonds. Shaking them vigorously can break them down.

Take the syringe provided. From it draw 0.5 ml of the mixture. Inject it into your lower abdomen. The needle is similar to diabetics using to inject insulin.

After you inject, the HCG level will peak in 6 hours. It will remain so for the next 36 hours. After 72 hours all will return to normal.

Where Should I Buy HCG Injections for Men?

There are literally hundreds of sellers. You can do a search and find one. But ensure that the retailer has the following:
The HCG must be manufactured in FDA approved lab
It must be manufactured within USA
It must be of 5000 IU
The HCG must be real not homeopathic
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