Use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in Pregnancy

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a reproductive hormone that is produced by the placenta at the time of pregnancy. HCG helps in the development of an egg in the ovary and supports the release of the same at the time of ovulation.

The hormone HCG is used to help in ovulation and treat infertility issues in women as well as to increase sperm count in men.

HCG in Pregnancy

After a sperm fertilizes an egg in the fallopian tube, it gets implanted in the uterine wall. Once it attaches itself there, the placenta starts to produce HCG and passes it to the urine and blood. The HCG hormone helps to maintain the pregnancy. HCG levels increase in the first 14 to 16 weeks after the last menstrual cycle. The amount of the hormone in the body during early pregnancy can help determine the health of the baby and also offer other information about the pregnancy. HCG disappears from the body completely immediately after the delivery of the baby.

HCG Diet

The diet advises severe calorie restriction usually just around 500-800 calories per day that leads to dramatic weight loss up to almost a pound a day. The diet allows you to have just two meals daily – lunch and dinner. Each meal must include one bread, one protein, one fruit and one vegetable.

There are also some side effects of HCG diet that have been reported such as irritability, restlessness, fatigue, depression, swelling of breasts, blood clot formation and fluid build up. It can be quite difficult to follow such a strict diet, it can be dangerous too as your body is not getting the required essential nutrients. For losing weight, it is best to follow a healthy weight loss plan that does not lead to any unwanted side effects.

HCG Urine Test

HCG urine test examines the level of HCG in urine. It is a common way to find out if a woman is pregnant.

To conduct the test, you will have to urinate into a sterile cup or a test strip. The first urine in the morning is the best as it has enough HCG to be detected. If the test result is negative, it means you are not pregnant, and if it is positive, it means you are pregnant. There are no risks in the test, and it is considered to be around 98% accurate.

Hcg pregnancy test kit principle, hcg pregnancy test price.

Complete the test at home or the doctor’s office. Both tests are same and have the same ability to detect HCG. There are no specific preparations required for an HCG urine test. For best results, follow the instructions on your package. HCG urine tests also referred to as home pregnancy tests are sold in kits that can be done at home.

If you are taking any medicines, you can discuss that with your physician to find out if they can affect the results of the test.

HCG Blood Tests

A Human Chorionic Gonadotropin blood test is used to detect if there is HCG hormone in your blood. The test is performed by drawing our blood from a vein from your hand. The test does not require any preparation. If the test is positive, it means you are pregnant and vice versa. Keep in mind, the HCG levels can also be high in women having ovarian tumours.
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