Choosing Weight Loss Exercises for Women

If you are a personal trainer, one ongoing challenge is often finding weight loss exercises for women. If you are not focused on maintaining novel forms of exercise, the females in your group are likely to get bored or lose motivation, because you simply don't have the level of variety to keep their interest over time. 

The same is often true for men. If you do not have enough variety, you are going to lose the interest of your clients. What can you do to maintain interest over time?

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One way to develop some ideas about the best weight loss exercises for women is to find some reality programming on television that has some advice included. At the beginning, it does not seem like they will offer you much in the way of weight loss exercises for women.

After all, they all start out the same way. You bring together a bunch of fat people, put them into a gym with a trainer who is tough but encouraging, and start them off on a race to drop the weight. At the end o the race is a huge reward of some sort, whether it is a big bag of money or the ultimate wedding destination.

Extreme Makeover involves the breaking of this mold, though. In just an hour, you see Chris Powell and just one client from their initial meeting all the way to the last weigh-in, a year later. 

There is no contest, and there are no teams. There is no distant ranch that has the most modern of gyms inside it. Powell's clients must juggle commitments and jobs, just like everyone else. 

Even though they may need to lose a huge amount of weight, their struggles are things we can relate to, because they run into those same nagging plateaus and face the same desire to quit as just about anybody else.

Powell does not use the quick fix to get results. He believes that even though a huge restriction in calories and a boost in exercise can cause quick changes, he does not believe that those changes are sustainable over time. 

Instead, his focus is on realistic blending of fitness into life on a regular schedule, choosing moves that you can do anywhere with your body weight and using quick cardio intervals to lose weight.

This sort of simplicity brings a powerful punch. Knocking out more than one workout a week gives you more confidence and makes fitness a definite element of your life, which is the key to maintaining weight loss over time.

After you have met your goals for a week, you are likely to feel invincible. After two weeks, you feel like a juggernaut. After a few months, you feel like you can accomplish anything.

No matter how many pounds you want to lose, there is a three-month schedule to help get you started. If you believe in yourself and have committed to these changes, no one can stop you.
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