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A reputable, U.S. based, Online HCG supply company will approve your ethical drug at the same time that you purchase your HCG and supplies. This is called “telehealth” and is a completely legitimate exercise. In fact, it is growing in popularity and considered a growing “norm” in modern day healthcare.

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The entire process is made rather simple. Apractitioner  licensed medical doctor must be on faculty for this, or a licensed nurse practitioner that can also prescribe patient medications. The company will allow you to select the HCG injections or drops along with the supplies that you would like, and then fill out an online medical background form. You are then given a consultation with a doctor via phone or video for guidance as they approve your ethical drug and handling. They will also have nurses and a coaching faculty available for support while on the diet.

Once your ethical drug is approved, your ethical drug products are shipped to you directly – eliminating the need to schedule a pickup at a pharmacy or wait in long lines.

Surprisingly, these options are quite affordable and around the same price as the “Do it yourself” HCG Kits while including a lot more for your money:
Start at $199 – Read more.
Access to a licensed Doctor, Nurse and medical faculty.
Plans for HCG injections, REAL HCG drops, and Pellets.
Medically guided instructions for mixing and injections.
Completely legitimate and a great option for those who need a little extra hand holding.
Convenient: no need to go to a doctor’s office for your visit.
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