HCG Diet Maintenance Instructions

HCG Diet Maintenance 

Extolments on your HCG weight loss! You’ve worked hard to reach a healthy weight and you’re belike tired of eating chicken  chest and whitefish. You want to keep that weight off, and maintenance will help you do exactly that. The good news is that there are no calorie restrictions on maintenance. You maintain your weight by eating a high protein, low carbohydrate diet.
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The first 21 days of your HCG maintenance it is of critical importance that you don’t eat any vacate carbohydrates. No starches or added sugars. You want most of your calories to come from high-protein foods like:
• meat
• eggs
• fish
• cheese
• poultry
• Whey protein shakes
• High-protein veggie patties
• *Some people gain weight during maintenance from cottage cheese. Although it is a good source of slow-digesting casein protein, avoid it during your maintenance phase.

You want to avoid starchy foods like:
• all grains
• breads
• cakes
• cereal
• rice
• potatoes
• sweet potatoes and yams
• sweet corn
• hominy
• grits
• oatmeal
• carrots
• plantains
Also avoid very sugary fruits like:
• watermelon
• grapes
• dates
• cherries
On day 22 of maintenance, you will start adding complex carbohydrates back to your diet. You’ll want to start with a small (1/2 cup) serving of some whole grain, like:

• brown rice
• Oatmeal
• Steel-cut oats
Or alternately, you can start with a small potato or sweet potato on day 22. checkout the scale to make sure your weight doesn’t increase from that small serving of grain. If your weight is still within 2lbs of your LDW, on day 22 have another small serving of whole grain or root vegetable. Carry on having one serving of whole grain, potato or sweet potato for the next couple days. On day 26 increase this to 2 servings of starch.
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