Now What After Stopping HCG Diet?

You have been on the hcg diet for a few months and have lost the coveted amount of weight. The question that you will be facing is what is there to be done after stopping the hcg diet. Should you resort to the same old 500 calorie or to your established food habits.
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Well, the answer is neither. You are not supposed to stay on 500 calorie diet and neither should you jump back to your old eating habits. The former will result in starving (as you will not be using the hcg hormone) and the later will result in weight gain over the days.

So what should I do? 

You have to watch your diet. Don’t cringe on the thought of diet. Just eat goodly and watch your calories. You do not have to count the number of calories in each meal you consume but you can atleast keep a rough computation as to the amount of fatty meaning.
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